Mobile equipment used in cleaning works brings the need for renewal in line with the increasing social life and developing technologies. In particular, municipalities prefer to increase innovative products in their garbage collection vehicle fleets, while considering criteria such as seriality, quality, longevity and expert service in product supply. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, as an exemplary municipality for the whole of Turkey, is an institution that acts meticulously in this regard and passes many criteria when choosing its supplier companies.

In this direction, İSTAÇ, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and controlling the waste management organizations of Istanbul, has included 89 garbage transfer semi-trailers in its fleet with its new purchase. These vehicles, produced by Öztreyler, one of Turkey’s leading bodybuilders, will transport all the domestic garbage of Istanbul to landfills.

Öztreyler, known for its experience in superstructures such as tipper types, bulk trailers and tankers, as well as periodic deliveries to private companies and public institutions, undertook this operation with an investment of 30 million TL. The 3-axle air suspension garbage transfer trailers produced by the company carry out the healthy and economical transfer of garbage from the dump site to the final unloading places.

Secure compression

The compression process of the garbage is provided by a rotating cylinder, the garbage transfer chamber placed in the open mouth of the cylinder, the double groove placed inside the cylinder and the compression cone placed at the rear end. The cylinders, manufactured using MC 700 material of 4 mm and 6 mm thickness, make 6 revolutions per minute around their axis and thus the wastes are pushed back to the farthest. If the garbage gets stuck with a foreign material during filling, the rotation stops automatically, thus protecting against possible dangers.

The part of the rear cover of the trailer that comes into contact with the garbage is manufactured using 400-450 brinel wear steel. On the wear areas, there are parts made of wear-resistant chrome-nickel alloy steel casting material, which are mounted with screws. There is a waste water tank on the cover to collect the leaking water of the garbage. On the chassis of the product, there are hydraulic legs, each with a carrying capacity of 24 tons, while the HATZ brand engine positioned in the chassis provides an advantage by ensuring the rotation of the cylinder independently of the towing vehicle. There are temperature, level and filter pollution indicators in the suitable capacity oil tank on the trailer. Looking at the walking parts of the trailer, there is a 3×9 ton BPW drum axle with single tire air suspension, BPW brand flat scissor systems, a complete ÇTP mudguard on the tire, and a 72 cc Rexroth brand pump.

Domestic production success

In his statement regarding the delivery, Öztreyler General Manager Ahmet Dal emphasized that as a domestic manufacturer, they proudly deliver Garbage Transfer Trailer products to İSTAÇ, and that their goal is to provide such solutions to all municipalities and public institutions in Turkey. Dal added that there are already municipalities that are interested in garbage transfer trailers and are actively negotiating.

2017 is the year of construction vehicles

Evaluating 2017 as a year of fluctuations, Ahmet Dal said, “After a stagnant year until the referendum period, we went through a very fast period until the end of September. Especially due to the mobility of the construction industry, there was a serious demand for our truck superstructures. This year has been much better than last year and we will reach our targets by the end of the year. In addition to the production facility in Gebze, the preparations for the silobas-tanker line of our factory in Sakarya, which we will put into operation, are about to end. We are planning active production for these two products in this region in the near future.” he said.