As ÖZTREYLER, in order to be one of the institutions that have a say in the sector, direct the sector and have a high brand value;

• Fulfilling the legal requirements in all the subjects for which it is responsible in terms of its field of activity, especially the environment, occupational health and safety, in all domestic and international platforms where it carries out its activities,
• To act in accordance with all national and international standards and legal requirements for which it is responsible, within the scope of product requirements,
• To provide a peaceful, healthy and safe environment to its employees in line with the principle of equality, without discrimination under any circumstances,
• To take into account the special requests of the customers while performing all these actions,
• To provide the necessary investment and support in order to continuously improve both its processes and its employees,
• To minimize the factors that may affect environmental pollution as a result of business processes,
• To fulfill its duties for a sustainable and livable environment,
• To prevent waste of resources by using natural resources efficiently,
• Eliminating or minimizing the risks of work accidents by taking lessons from experienced work accidents, equipping all employees with the necessary training and equipment, making the necessary analyzes and taking the necessary actions,
• To create, plan and realize periodic targets by taking into account the elements of quality, environment, occupational health and safety in order to ensure the continuity of its activities,
• To provide products and services at optimum costs, in the quality that will ensure maximum customer satisfaction, in line with legal requirements, customer special requests and product standards,
• It is ÖZTREYLER’s basic policy to share the ÖZTREYLER culture created in the light of all these, with customers, suppliers and all partners, especially employees.
We are always committed to providing all the necessary conditions in order to realize all these, to ensure sustainability and to continuously improve it.