Öztreyler, which started its operations in 1983 with the production of truck body, has become one of the most important companies in its field in our country with a stable development graph.
Only one year after its establishment, it started to manufacture hydraulic dumpers, and in 1986, the third axle added to the trucks was produced and assembled, and it was named “Öz Damper ve Axle Industry”. Having experienced an important turning point in 1993, Öztreyler took the incorporation process to a new stage, “Öz Damper ve Dingil San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.” strengthened its commercial identity with its title. As a company that constantly increases its share in its sector, when it comes to 1997; Considering the changes in the commercial vehicle market, it turned to the production of trailers, semi-trailers, chassis and superstructure, thus expanding its production network. After these important and decisive developments, it gained its current title, “Öztreyler Demir Çelik Makine Otomotiv İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.” It has stepped into a brand new process with its name. Currently, Öztreyler carries out projects that require special manufacturing depending on the demands of the customers such as tipper, semi-trailer, tarpaulin semi-trailer, truck body-trailer, hydraulic dumper, tanker, bulk trailer and continues to work with increasing enthusiasm and energy.
Following new needs and expectations closely, Öztreyler has included the production of Bathtub Tipper Trailer and Akerdeon Tipper in its activities in order to find solutions to the tonnage problems that have emerged in recent years. In 2012, Öztreyler started a new factory with a high production capacity on an area of 80 thousand square meters in Adapazarı Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone, and its construction was completed in 2015.
Öztreyler, one of the pioneers of the tipper trailer sector in Turkey today, delivered 72 tank carrier vehicles requested by the Turkish Armed Forces to fulfill their logistics needs in land operations in a faster and safer way, after the completion of the serial production phase.
Öztreyler, which is one of the honor institutions of our country in its field, will continue to add strength to the strength of our country with the products it produces and will produce.

About Us

Our Mission

In the commercial vehicle and construction sector; To respond to new demands and expectations with high product and service quality, wide product range, and to make valuable contributions to the country's economy as a company that is always preferred and has a high competitive power.

Our Vision

Keeping the product range up to date with the R&D department that follows the technology day by day, making environmentally friendly production, shaping the production processes with the principle of sustainability and carrying the Öztreyler brand to the top with these principles.