72 tank carriers produced by Turkey’s land vehicle manufacturers BMC and trailer company Öztreyler were delivered to the Ministry of National Defense.

Speaking at the ceremony held on the stage built on a tank carrier in the garden of the Öztreyler factory in Sakarya’s Ferizli district, Deputy Minister of National Defense Muhsin Dere said that the ministry entered a new era in the name of military-civilian cooperation in order to equip the Turkish Armed Forces with modern warfare systems, to carry out maintenance and repair modernization activities. As he told.

Noting that private sector companies under the leadership of BMC, which constitutes the development dynamic of Turkey, have been increasingly operating in the field of defense industry recently, Dere said, as the ministry, instead of creating bureaucratic obstacles regarding the permissions, direction, R&D support, coordination and supervision of these companies, we removed the existing bureaucratic obstacles and In this context, Dere noted that one of the things that makes them proud is the fact that there are 5 companies in the top 100 among the world’s defense industry companies, including foundation companies and BMC, as of 2018.

“Our aim is to serve our country.”

BMC Chief Executive Officer Bülent Denkdemir said that the tank pallet factory in Arifiye has been a military facility with invaluable services to Turkey for 50 years.

Explaining that the factory has been on the agenda in the media recently, Denkdemir used the following statements:

“Actually, we want to be more on the agenda with new vehicles, production, local and export with the work we do, but to mention very briefly, the spirit of the project is that this facility, which reflects the 50 years of effort and experience of our army, the Turkish Armed Forces, is again, 55 years of BMC’s contribution to the private sector and 85 countries It is a very important new business model journey with a very important spirituality, to be blended for export, to prepare this blend for the future with new technology with the difference of new machinery, and actually to serve our country and fly the flag of Turkey in the world within the cooperation model of our state and private sector.

Therefore, I would like to underline again that; We set out with a business model whose product-based and process-based inspection rights are also under the control of the Ministry of National Defense, which is owned by the Ministry of National Defense and operated by BMC. Our aim is to serve our country and fly our flag in the world.”

“Success of our nation”

Öztreyler General Manager Haşim Öztürk noted that they are happy to offer Turkey’s first domestic and national tank carrier to the service of the defense industry.

Noting that they delivered 72 tank carrier vehicles produced for the first time in Turkey, Öztürk said, “This success is above all the success of you, our nation, who trust and believe in the country. Our tank carrier vehicle, the M60 tank, developed for the rapid and safe transportation of our national and local battle tank Altay, to the operation areas, our local and national pride, Storm howitzer, Leopard tank, ZPA, ZPT and all kinds of military and civilian tracked vehicles, effectively It is made to be transported.” he said.

Protocol members then inspected the tank carriers on display at the parade ground.

Sakarya Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir, managers of BMC and Öztreyler companies, district governors, mayors, institution managers, Military Factory and Shipyard Operation Joint Stock Company (ASFAT AŞ) and Defense Industry Presidency officials as well as military personnel attended the ceremony.

It has a net carrying capacity of 70 tons.

In order for the Turkish Armed Forces to fulfill their logistics needs in land operations in a faster and safer way, the tank carrier vehicles requested by the Turkish Armed Forces were designed under the leadership of the Ministry of National Defense with domestic and national resources.

The 72 tank carriers, whose tender was held in August last year, were delivered to the Ministry of National Defense after the completion of the serial production phase.

Carriers with a vehicle trailer weighing 125 tons and a net carrying capacity of 70 tons were equipped with a 70-ton-capacity towing winch and a self-rescue winch in order to tow the defective tank onto the trailer.

“It can travel 950 kilometers.”

The carriers, which can climb 30 percent steep slopes with their trailers and pass through 75 centimeters of water, can reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers.

The tow truck, which can travel 950 kilometers with full fuel tanks, can climb 60 percent steep slopes on its own and pass 30 percent side slopes.

On the vehicle, there is a 620-horsepower diesel engine with a torque of 2 thousand 720 Nm and a fully automatic transmission with 7 forward and 1 reverse gears compatible with it.

The axles of the tractor, whose suspension system is equipped with parabolic springs and anti-roll bar, are of rigid type.

The brake system of the vehicle is air and drum type, the tractors with EBS system also have engine brake and retarder deceleration system.

Based on the modern “Tuğra Cabin” for the driver’s cabin, the vehicle, which is one of the widest in its class with its 4-point suspension, is equipped with 2 beds, additional in-cab heating system and air conditioning in tank carriers that can seat 4 people at the same time.

It can carry 1 tank and 2 armored combat vehicles on its trailer.

The trailer of the tractor, which can carry 1 tank or 2 armored combat vehicles, has pendular axles with hydraulic suspension. Tank destroyer vehicles are produced for the effective transport of Altay tank, M60 tank, Storm howitzer, Leopard tank, armored combat vehicle, armored personnel carrier and all kinds of military and civilian vehicles.

The towing component of the tank carrier vehicles, which were implemented with domestic and national resources and has strategic importance for Turkey’s defense industry, was produced by BMC at its production facilities in İzmir, and the trailer component was produced by Öztreyler at the facilities in the town of Ferizli.