The tank carrier developed by the Turkish defense industry with domestic and national resources was delivered to the army of North Macedonia.


North Macedonian Defense Minister Radmila Şekerinska and Turkey’s Ambassador to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Sekizkök attended the ceremony held at the Straşo Pincur Barracks in the Petrovec municipality near the capital Skopje.

In his speech, Minister Şekerinska said that they have witnessed a very strong cooperation between North Macedonia and Turkey in the field of defense and military support in recent days.

Pointing out that this cooperation is the result of long years of alliance and friendship and efforts to ensure the security of the region and maintain friendly relations between peoples as members of a strong military-political alliance, Şekerinska continued as follows:

“This is part of the support that the Republic of Turkey has given to our army over the years. You can see that this support has really become more intense in recent years and we are trying to make it more visible. Let both Macedonian and Turkish citizens know that we are seriously working towards our excellent relations in the field of defense.”

Noting that the tank carrier is an important piece of equipment, Şekerinska said, “With this tank carrier, which is produced in the Republic of Turkey and which also shows the strength of our friends in the defense industry, we will ensure that many of our troops and the equipment they use are transported completely, safely and efficiently.” said.

Ambassador Sekizkök also stated that they were present at a handover ceremony that showcased the fraternity, friendship and strong military cooperation between Turkey and North Macedonia.

Sekizkök underlined that they see North Macedonia as an important partner for Turkey in the Balkans and said, “We aim to move forward our multidimensional relations with our joint efforts in all fields.” he said.

Pointing out that the military cooperation between the countries will become stronger with the inclusion of North Macedonia in NATO, Sekizkök stated that they put this discourse into practice as they do today.

Noting that they will continue to utilize the cooperation opportunities in the field of defense industry to the fullest in the coming period, Sekizkök noted that Turkey will continue to support its ally by transferring its military experience and experience and quality in the defense industry sector, which has international brand value, to North Macedonia.